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Hey Haley here! or most of u know me as Li Her. =)

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Sunday, May 17, 2009
Joy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Happy!

OMGness, and FINALLY!
GG's Upper East Side are all getting their bond back!!!!

'Tell Jesus, the BITCH is back!'
Aren't u girls out thr excited??
*evil smile* (;
Christian-fied Georgina??
u must be kidding me!!

the makeup items i bought from blushberry is here!!!!
no pics since they can be found on her blog. *click here*
i bought the brush set, the brush is so soft!
well of coz la right, for that price?
okay, im kidding. its made of Squirrel Hair!
and the pigments!!
woah! the colour are great and all i need was very lil for one makeup to be done.

If the colour is strong and thick, it is pigmented and of good quality.
meaning you apply less for more colour, less harmful to your skin.


it will last until you used everything up haha.. its just like talc powder.. it won't spoil.. no preservatives.. hehe..

alright girls?
above are quoted from her blog and her replies in my email (:
isn't she sweet and bubbly? haha

go ask her whether the offer is still out.
she's very nice, no bites at all!
Ohh, she deisgn clothes too, do send in the pics of the dress bla bla.. to her
that u saw on movies, GG etc

Love, XOXO.

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